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In 1963, the State of Ohio v. Bill Bush murder trial turns the lives of an ingenuous family into nightmarish chaos after a police sergeant viciously murders three members. Waking Reality divulges the astonishing way authorities force protective custody, the distressing repercussions, and startling revelations. It is a story of life— at its best and worst. Spanning fifty years, the author cinematically splices suspense and fairy tales into a spine-tingling memoir that is an equal-part family saga, psychotherapy, and a jigsaw puzzle. It stumbles down the dark alleys of America and into the invisible lives of the homeless while rummaging through the lonely streets of rejection and into the raw trap of abuse and addiction. Constantly transforming, it travels inside a living breed called family and the ties that bind them, leaving you spellbound and speechless. It gifts you hope and belief, but more importantly, it shows you love. Forgiveness is learned, and lives understood as this dark tale unravels awareness, enlightenment, and eventual salvation. Delivered is thankfulness for faith, family, and oneself as you learn to take the happily while gifted. Every single one of them. Every single time.

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